Beigang Huwei Line buses leave daily at 10:30am sharp from Douliou Station.
1. If you have a reservation, please arrive at 10:30am, on the day of departure, at Douliou Railway Station Tourist Service Center, where you may complete your registration and receive your Reservation Certificate.
2. Priority boarding is available from 10:20 to 10:25am for those with valid Reservation Certificates. Please arrive on time or you may lose your priority boarding opportunity.
3. Regular boarding starts at 10:25, where any remaining seats become available, on a first come first serve basis, for those without a reservation. Passengers who missed priority boarding must also join the lineup in this group.
4. Reservation Certificates are proof of reservation but are not Tourist Shuttle Tickets. To board the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, please purchase tickets separately.
5. The Management reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.
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